Valor Tactical Performance Products

Delivering Performance Products while reducing the cost of
Ownership for Military and Government Fleet Services.

Valor Products is  proud to serve U.S. Military, Government and Municipal Motor Vehicle Fleets. As a Veteran Owned, leader of innovative tactical performance products, Valor Products is dedicated to Fleet sustainment solutions.

Our products are designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards while reducing total cost of ownership.

In keeping pace with technology, Valor Products incorporates an aggressive New Product Development process to meet these changing requirements

With over 75 years of combined knowledge of automotive performance, Fleet Service and Military experience, we have over 300 products, tools and customized service-solution driven programs to offer the Modern Military and Government Fleet Service. We provide a unique and beneficial service to the Military & Government and do not sell aftermarket automotive products, we sell sustainment solutions.

Valor works in conjunction with public and private companies and individuals to support the Valor Foundation. A non-profit that provides support to veterans, first responders and wild land firefighters.


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Brake fluid exchange Products

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It's what you expect from your staff, your team, your crew. It's what you require from your fleet.
VALOR delivers performance.

Valor Tactical Performance Products

Vehicles and Fleets We Serve.

Products supporting the fleets of the United States Armed Forces; Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Valor products are utilized for fleets encompassing entire police and fire protection districts.

Trusted products for all state and local Government fleets.

Valor Products keep US Postal fleets running through rain, hail, sleet and snow. 

With 193 million acres to protect the US Forest Service can count on Valor Products to keep its’ fleet up and running.

Wildland Firefighting equipment endures a tremendous variety of conditions. Valor Products are a sound choice.