A complete line of fleet servicing products

Valor understands the complex requirements of various fleets and have developed a line of products to service them all.

Fleet and vehicle maintenance equipment includes auto and vehicle supplies, parts, and equipment for keeping vehicles on the road. Oil and air filters, wiper blades, and automotive fluids must be regularly replaced to keep vehicles in good working order. Diagnostic and inspection equipment can be used to measure the degree of coolant protection, determine battery cell condition, locate engine troubles, and more. Brake cleaner, fuel additives, and other automotive chemicals are used to maximize the life of vehicle components.

Regular use of Valor products as part of basic maintenance can help your entire fleet run better, last longer and be more fuel-efficient.

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Fleets are demanding. Valor meets those demands.


Valor Products lead the vehicle maintenance industry with fluids, oils, lubricants and additives that extend vehicle and equipment life cycles. Our products are constantly improving with new solutions  developed to solve customer challenges. We take on the tough tasks and stand behind each product with integrity and honor! Most companies in this sector flood the market with low end fluids that minimally meet vehicle standards and are not interested in developing long term partnerships with end users. Valor Products will work with you to develop solutions for your vehicle fleets—ultimately we provide Sustainment at a new industry level. Our new Eco Guard products get the tough jobs done, while protecting the environment.

The valor warranty

“Valor Products stands behind their products to be free from defects in material and workmanship.  Vehicles (passenger cars, vans and sport utility vehicles) that are properly maintained to provide adequate lubrication preventing mechanical failure due to abnormal wear and corrosion are covered under the Valor Product Limited Warranty Program. Warranty coverage includes; engine, fuel, auto & manual transmission, power steering, cooling, driveline and brakes with up to $4,000 in protection with specific mileage limits. Additional information about the Valor Product Limited Warranty Program is available from your sales rep or Valor Products Headquarters.”

Valor products combined with regular scheduled vehicle maintenance will increase the longevity of your fleet.